Thursday, September 4, 2008

More disjointed thoughts, courtesy of my aching head.

I have a sore throat, hurting ears and a headache. Methinks it is a cold coming on, which I got from Abbie, which she got who-knows-where. When I start to get sick I gargle with Listerine a lot (kills germs, doncha know) and drink huge quantities of water. So I smell medicine-y and spend my time running to the potty. Good thing Deb's not here - she'd have me eating whole garlic cloves.

Pete has progressed from eating trash to just chewing it up and leaving it all slobbery-squishy in the middle of the living room so I walk on it. Have you ever stepped on a frog with bare feet? That's what it feels like. Anybody want to adopt a dog?

Abbie loves Chipotle. You know, the Mexican grill place. She especially loves the rice they put on burritos and she's been asking me to make something like it lately. So tonight she did a web search for a recipe, found one that sounded like it might be it, and brought it to me. I cooked it. It was the most disgusting stuff I have ever put in my mouth. We'll stick to the restaurant.

After dinner I ran a sink full of soapy water to wash the stuff that doesn't go in the dishwasher. My big santoku knife went in with some other stuff. But unbeknownst to me, the big knife landed blade up and was propped that way by the other stuff around it. So when I plunged my hands in to start washing, I sliced two knuckles. Yeah, that soapy water felt great. So, like my mother always said, don't put the sharp knives in the soapy water where you can't see them. Sorry I didn't listen, Mom.

So to comfort myself after making horrible rice and shredding my fingers, I made some cinnamon struesel bread. It's sitting here hot and cinnamony and I'm going to go eat a lot of it.

Be thankful ~


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D.Perkins said...

well im sorry to hear that and ill be praying for you :)