Friday, September 12, 2008

Dude's got no chance!!

* Guest Contributer (She's going to kill me!) husband of Karen*
So I went to my 30 year High School reunion about a month ago. I’m an old goat who still works hard and in addition to that I work out 4-5 times a week at the Y (the old man gym) while most men my age are still sleeping. So I’m not quite as soft as most of my classmate brethren, but I’m still almost 50, and keeping my weight under control is an ongoing process. The Darlin Bride (Karen) has been diligent about keeping the broccoli and beans in front of me (high fiber, low fat, no flavor stuff) and since May I’ve been able to drop 13 pounds of unneeded Ben. So I must be looking better and here’s how I know.

Labor Day Monday it was raining and I couldn’t go to the job I’d planned for the day and so I thought I’d work at the house laying some trim, doing some painting etc. in anticipation of our soon coming fireplace stone and hardwood flooring projects (The Darlin Bride has the patience of Job). I got back from the gym and the Darlin Bride says to me, “Hey dad, want some breakfast?” I said, "No thanks baby, I’m headed to Lowe’s for material and I’m going to get to work." Out the door I go and back in a flash ('bout an hour). I come in the door and what do I find, but the Darlin Bride is cutting out some biscuits. Not just your garden variety nasto bisquick biscuits, but the “Oh yeah, she just got done grinding the fresh wheat, stay with you all day amazing, incredible, give me 6 or 8 NOW biscuits!” Talkin unbelievable, irresistible, no saying no to biscuits. So, I said “I told you I didn’t want breakfast” with a stunned look on my face. The look that says I’m meat, I know it, she knows it, she’s got me kinda face. To which the Darlin Bride says, “You’re not looking better than me buddy, now sit down and eat!” Is that DIRTY POOL OR WHAT?! So, next time you see a guy who’s pushing 50 and you think “Man what happened to that dude, he’s a load”, just remember … there but for a lousy cook for a wife, go I!

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daniel said...

LOL. yes she will kill you but that is hilarious LOL