Friday, September 12, 2008

At least someone enjoyed them. *sigh*

I was just reading over at The Gremlin Wrangler about her fried green tomatoes. If you want to give your salivary glands a good workout, go look at her pictorial tutorial (I just made that up - aren't you impressed?).

Anyway, her fried tomatoes looked incredible, but I am not going to be making any this year. My tomato plants have been eaten. Not just the tomatoes, but every tiny bit of every leaf. Yes, we've been visited by the Great Tomato Hornworms. Here they are feasting away:

And lest you think they're-not-that-big-how-much-can-they-possibly-eat, here's my finger next to one to give you perspective:

Now I've written about two nasty things in two days. I'll try to think of something positive for tomorrow.

Be thankful ~



Sarah said...

Hey Karen! Thanks for your sweet words about the quilt I made. I didn't hem the tree trunks, but I did sew over them pretty heavily when I appliqued with a blanket stitch, to keep the fraying down to a minimum. (And I did do all the applique with the machine.) I figured that with this quilt, I didn't need to worry terribly about hemming before appliqueing.

Thinking about it now, it would've been a lot easier to sew a straight stitch around the outline, about 1/8" inside the raw edge. Then they would fray evenly, like the treetops. Thanks for asking--next time I'll do it differently, now that I've thought about it! Are you planning on doing something like this quilt?

Nicole said...

Those worms are nasty! My students would 'em, though. They keeping all sorts of insect critters to bring to class.