Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Stuff you can't live without knowing.

Ben has informed me he hates the days when I don't blog.


Since my brain has turned to mush in the mere three days since I started working at the pre-school and I can't think beyond two-and three-year-olds, I share a few observations:

No amount of nagging or reminding or repeating yourself has as much impact as a good biff on the hand (I had permission from the mother).

Drama queens start young. As in three.

There is always a playground bully. Sometimes it's a girl.

Every group has a mother. And a peacemaker. And a snob.

The outside door alarms are loud enough to scare the bejeebers out of the five-year-old Houdini with Downs Syndrome. He really did wet his pants. But he didn't go out the door again.

Mother-guilt is alive and well at the pre-school door. And the kids use it to their advantage.

Little boys will do anything if you tell them they're strong.

Tomorrow I'll share the story of my visit to the bank after my second day on the job.

Be thankful ~



Krystina said...

let me guess, brandon?? the fire exit? he's my favorite kid there!

Lisa said...

Working with young children? You are a stronger woman than I! Been there, done that.

I have tagged you for a meme at my blog... hopefully a fun one. Come by and find out. =)

Mostly Sunny said...

I love the drama queen insight. So true. Having raised 3 girls, I can attest well to it. My youngest step-daughter, who's always run a few years behind in mental acuity, hit the drama scene full force at 16. She claims that she hates drama, but somehow always manages to seek it out and bring it home. Thank goodness she talks to her dad about it. I did high school once... I don't want to have to "go through it" again!! :)