Saturday, June 7, 2008

A pie for Daddy, a job for me, and a good dose of mercy.

Well, you just never know what a day will bring.

Thursday afternoon I drove to my daddy's house to take him his Father's Day pie. He's a big fan of apple pie with a real rolled crust, but my mother won't make him one because of all the saturated fat. So I did and he was thrilled.

Mom was out shopping when I got there, so Daddy and I sat and talked a while. Then Mom showed up and we all sat and talked. Then my brother Jim dropped in and my mother jumped up, ran to the kitchen, and HID THE PIE. I'm not kidding. And she wouldn't let me tell him I had brought one. She was saving it all for Daddy.

So the next morning, Daddy called to tell me how great the pie was, and told me he was going to save a piece for Jim. I have a wacky family. But I wouldn't trade them for anything.

On a completely different note, Friday I sat down to pay bills and got a little flustered about how tight the budget is these days. Gas and groceries are killing us. So in short order I made up my mind to go put in an application at Target for a summer job. The decision was made - don't try to change my mind.

Then God showed up.

Leah called from the daycare to tell me her boss wanted to know if I would fill in for Abbie during the two weeks she is in Romania. AND I'll fill in for Leah during her music camp in July. AND my neighbor wants me to keep her two boys twice a week for the summer. So things will work out nicely, thanks to the Lord's awesome foresight. Good job, God.

THEN Saturday morning my married daughter, Deb, called. She sounded just a little down, so I said, "You sound kind of iffy this morning."

She assured me, "I am completely fine."

Which was a giant red flag that I totally missed.

Her next statement took my breath away, "I totaled my car yesterday."

I had to suppress the urge to ask, panic-stricken, "Are you OK????"

Two other times our kids have had accidents and the first thing they always say is, "I am perfectly fine." I'll be on the lookout for that phrase from now on.

Anyway, she was coming down a hill and around a curve, going slowly according to her, when the sun peeked through the trees and blinded her. She put her foot on the brake and the car slid on loose gravel on the road. She wound up in the ditch. Facing the wrong direction. On the roof. As quickly as you read the last three statements, she could have been dead but for a really good seatbelt and the grace and mercy of God.

She climbed out and walked away. Yes people, God is good. He has your back. And your front and everything else. We cannot leave the house in the morning without God's watch care over us. Do you ask for it every day? Do you thank Him for it at night?

I remember when my kids were little and we would all pile in the van to go somewhere. As we were buckling seatbelts and I was putting the van in gear I would say, "Lord Jesus, keep us safe." Sometimes I said it loudly, sometimes it was only muttered, but it was always on my heart. So when did I stop saying that? I can't remember, I just know I don't say it anymore.

That will change today. I cannot make it through a day without the Lord watching over me, over everything I do, every word I say, every thought I think. God, forgive me for taking your care for granted.

Be thankful ~


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