Thursday, June 5, 2008

Another meme. To cancel out the last one.

I don't like that word. Cancel. Do you know there is no such mathematical operation as "cancel?" What you're really doing is dividing out, or dividing the numerator and denominator of a fraction by the same thing, which is totally cool, mathematically. Just don't cancel.

Anyway, since I did the meme about twenty things I would never do, I've been thinking about things I will always do, and while I don't really feel like coming up with twenty, I'll give ten a shot. So here they are in living color, ten things I will always do:

1. Wipe counters. And wipe them again. I am a compulsive counter-wiper. No matter who cleans up my kitchen I feel the need to go check the counters, because even one crumb will send my anxiety level soaring. The only one who doesn't need checking up on is my mother, but that's where I got my counter-wiping gene, so it only stands to reason that she would be just as bad as I am. She is.

2. Love to bake. I also got my sweet tooth from my mother.

3. Enjoy staying up late to read in a quiet house.

4. Algebra for fun. I know. Weird.

5. Love being a wife and mom above anything else. No career choice could ever compare.

6. Make my bed at some point every day. It may take most of the day to get this done, but I cannot get into an unmade bed at night. Not a chance.

7. Fear snakes. Even the non-poisonous ones. They just wig me out.

8. Love Baskin-Robbins' chocolate chip ice cream. Tiny bits of bittersweet chocolate - it's the best.

9. Love music. All kinds. Hymns, classical, CCM, jazz, and Josh Groban has an incredible voice, even if he's not a Christian.

10. Love dogs, or at least most of them. I was so mad when Ben brought Pete home. Didn't want him. Couldn't stand him. Now he's just a big baby (Pete, not Ben) who I try to claim as my own, even though he's really Elijah's dog. I just can't resist a dog. My addendum to this one is that I will always dislike cats. Ick.

So there you have it, for what it's worth. Now I'm off to bake my daddy an apple pie.

Be thankful ~


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