Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Teenage philosophizing.

Once in a while Elijah, the man-boy, waxes philosophic. Here he is waxing with Pete:

Today we made our every-six-weeks trip to southern Virginia for a visit to the orthodontist. We leave in the morning, have our appointment around noon, get some lunch and drive home. We do this because we love our orthodontist, and because he promised when he did the first kid (we used to live there) that he would do the fifth one for free. Yes, you read that right. He has actually done the last two for half price, but that's the same in my (check)book, so we make the drive.

Elijah and I ate lunch at Taco Bell today and, after consuming a hard taco, a bean burrito, a bacon/chicken/cheese chalupa, cinnamon crunchy thingies and a large Pepsi, Elijah collapsed on the front seat of the car (while holding his Nachos Bell Grande for the ride home) and exclaimed, "Man! Eating makes me tired!"


"And sleeping makes me hungry. Ahhh, life is good."

The perpetual cycle of the teenage man-boy.

Be thankful ~


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