Thursday, May 29, 2008

She hates those leather seats.

I just had to share this one thing that happened yesterday which I forgot to include in yesterday's post about wisdom teeth.

When I got Abbie home, I called the house and had Elijah meet me in the driveway. I knew I'd never get her inside by myself. Elijah put the dog in his crate and came running outside. I opened the door and woke (term used very loosely) Abbie from her drug-induced stupor. I told her we were going in through the garage and straight to her bed. I repeatedly reminded her to keep standing up and "think strong legs," as if that would make any difference at all. There was no thinking going on there. I removed her ice packs and unbuckled her seatbelt. I told her I was going to put her feet on the ground and I wanted her to stand up and we would help her walk. She grunted, eyes rolling around in her head.

I so wish I'd had a video camera.

I gently swung her feet out of the car and put them on the ground. Before I could reach for her arm, she slid like a cartoon character right off the leather seat and wound up in a puddle on the driveway with her face in the seat. Elijah caught her just before her chin hit the floor of the car. He strong-armed her into a standing position (that boy is HERCULES - I'm surprised he didn't dislocate her shoulder), let me get under her other arm, and we literally dragged her into the house.

Sometimes I am amazed at the opportunities I miss. It would have been awesome on Youtube.

Be thankful ~



Anonymous said...

Sigh. I always miss oportunities like that, too. I'm the one standing around saying "Where is the video camera when I really need it?" That would have been prime blackmail material, too!

Krystina said...

I 'remember' my wisdom teeth experience. when I say remember, I mean I was aware of a few seconds each day for about 3 days.