Friday, May 16, 2008

A rose by any other name. . .

Abbie works in the daycare at our church. The other day she was talking to a three-year-old girl named Destiny. Here's the gist of their conversation:

Destiny: Miss Abbie, do you have a mama?

Ab: Yep.

D: What's her name?

A: Karen.

D: What's your little brother's name?

A: Elijah.

D: What's your sister's name?

A: Leah and Deborah.

D: What's your daddy's name?

A: Alfred.

D: (eyes wide) NUH-UHH!!!

Ben, himself, says, "If you had a name like Alfred, you'd go by Ben too." I guess I would.

Be thankful ~


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Nicole said...

Kids are so funny!