Wednesday, May 21, 2008

AI - the end of the season.

I admit it. We are American Idol junkies. We've watched it faithfully for three seasons now. It's one of the very few shows I will actually sit and watch and enjoy. I'm just not a TV person.

Anyway, last night's finale was quite the show, but just as we thought would happen, David A. most definitely outsang David C. I'm not a fan of rock-type stuff to begin with, but even I can admit when a rocker is good. David C. is just another rocker, and I can't stand the screaming.

So guess what we were all doing AS SOON AS the phone lines opened?
(Sorry the photo is blurry. New camera issues.) Abbie had two phones going, and the rest of us were using every cell phone in the house. If David A. doesn't win it won't be our fault.

Be thankful ~


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KrittyLynn said...

I am new reading here, but I thought this was hilarious! I know how you feel about the whole AI addiction!! and you better bet I had all the phones I could find out and dialing! :)