Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Where's the beef?

Abbie has issues with beef. About a year and a half ago, she started feeling sick after we ate at a fast food place. First it was burgers, then it included Taco Bell, until finally she was getting sick when I cooked beef at home. So we lived on chicken and fish. Not so bad really, but sometimes you just want some BEEF.

One day I was talking to a group of other moms about it and one suggested that I go to a local grocery store and get some organic beef - the kind that says, "grass fed cattle, never given antibiotics or growth hormones." So I did. And you know what? She didn't get sick!

Now that would seem like a wonderful fix, except that this organic beef is horribly expensive. For a while our commissary had it, but they've stopped carrying it. Now we've found we can get it cheaper at Target, but they only have ground beef - no roasts, no steaks.

Then a few weeks ago Abbie's friend, Boo, said she wanted to take her to Chipotle's for lunch. She said they served only organic beef. I heard that and was immediately skeptical, but Abbie was hopeful.

So a few friends went there for lunch and Abbie started interrogating the manager, telling her that if it was not truly organic beef, she would have food poisoning by that night (that's how regular beef makes her feel). The manager assured her it was indeed organic, so they ate lunch. And Abbie waited. And waited.

And NO PUKING! Can you tell she's excited?

So go to Chipotle and get some real organic beef!

Be thankful ~


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