Sunday, April 27, 2008

A new Sunday school class website.

Ben teaches Sunday School. The college and career class. Hanging out with younger people has its advantages, and one of them is that they keep you on your toes, technologically. But since I lack a bit of technological savvy, the advantage turns into a disadvantage for me. One of our students, bless her heart, set up a website for us thinking I could keep it going.

Sadly, she was very mistaken.

Week after week I would type up the list of prayer request and click the wrong button, making them all disappear forever into cyberspace, never to be retrieved again. Sometimes two or three times in one day. Some weeks I just purposed in my heart to pray enough for the whole class - it would be easier than getting those requests posted on the website.

So today while I was sitting in class feeling the familiar guilt for not updating the website in MONTHS, I had a brainstorm - make a class BLOG!!!!

Oh, I cannot tell you the utter relief and giddy joy I felt at the thought of having a website I could actually USE! So I've done it, and while it's nothing fancy, at least I can understand how it works. Go here to see it. I've sent an e-mail to the entire class inviting them to it.

Surely, I will sleep better tonight.

*pause* But first I will go send another e-mail that actually includes the link to the blog. *sigh*

Be thankful ~



Liz said...

Karen, I think you have hit on something. If we want to reach the 20-somethings, we will have to do it with technology. Have you learned to text on the cell phone, yet? These kids grew up on facebook and MySpace, with ipods and everything else. We can meet them where they are without watering down the Word.

Good Luck, I hope it becomes a place for some great interaction and deep discussion.


Nicole said...