Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Driver's Ed needs Grammar Ed.

What is with the improper use of prepositions lately? I mean, it's reaching epidemic proportion. Just this morning I was reading some of the forms that came with Abbie's driver's ed program and came across this directive: You will need to turn this document into us when you complete the course. Turn the document into them? Honey, that is WAY beyond the scope of MY powers. We'll need a miracle-worker. I corrected it with red pen and will turn it IN TO them when she completes the course.

And did you know that part of driver's ed is knowing the systems in your car? Ignition system, Accessory system, dual master cylinders, starting system (I thought that was the ignition system, but apparently they're different), where the fuel pump is located and what a solenoid does. I'm glad I already have my license, because I'm not terribly sure I could pass this course.

And you're also required to listen to a 20-minute video propaganda presentation on being an organ donor. I have nothing against being an organ donor, but really, this thing had us feeling guilty because we have two good kidneys and a spleen. Not a fan of their methods. Or their grammar.

Be thankful ~



Lisa said...

Yyyyyyeah... when it came time for my older son to do Driver's Ed, we thought we'd homeschool it and save hundreds of dollars. Then I got the materials.

Nope. Not a chance. Off to school he went.

And yes, my hubby and I both have engineering degrees. Yeesh.

Lisa said...

"....this thing had us feeling guilty because we have two good kidneys and a spleen..."
HAHAHAHA! That made me laugh!