Friday, March 21, 2008


OK, this time you get fair warning. Tomorrow is National Corndog Day, so get on the stick (sorry) and get some corndogs TODAY, or you'll be missing the fun tomorrow.

And now some random facts, in no particular order:

1. I can walk a half mile in 8 minutes, but it takes me 40 minutes to swim it, and I wind up gasping for breath and making the lifeguards nervous.

2. Even though I'm 20 pounds heavier than I was in college, I wear jeans that are two sizes smaller. What's up with THAT?

3. My neighbor got a puppy last week. Her husband had told her not to. My neighbor and her husband both work full time. She is paying Elijah to take the puppy out several times a day. She came over to get all our extra newspapers yesterday and asked if she could just leave the puppy here until it's trained. Let me think about that NO.

4. Just over a year from now I will only have one child in college. I believe I see light at the end of the tunnel.

5. My new favorite dinner is mahi mahi with crab/shrimp/scallop stuffing at Bonefish Grill.

6. Teenage boys eat. Constantly. There is no filling them up, so don't even try. Ben and I were heading out for dinner a little while ago, and Elijah came over and put his arm around my shoulder. He said quietly, "Mom, TRY to bring home some leftovers?"

I don't think corndogs are what he had in mind.

Be thankful ~



Nicole said...

Mmmm...mahi mahi. That's good stuff. The last (and first) time I had it was my senior year of high school.

carrie said...

what? I missed corndog day? I absolutely LOVE corn dogs!