Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pete meets his match, and Kaylie finally shows up.

If you have ever wondered how to intimidate a 70 pound bulldog, I have the answer.


See the cute little guy in my profile picture with me? The 35 pound 3 year old? Yes. He literally leads my dog around by the ear. It's sad.

In other news, my friend Cari was about three weeks from her due date (with her seventh child) this past Friday when the doctor diagnosed toxemia and put her in the hospital. He told her they would try to induce her labor, but if it didn't work, they would have to do a C-section. So beginning on Saturday, they gave her different drugs to get things going and, bless her heart, nothing worked. Still, she kept saying she didn't want a C-section because, get this, she wanted to go camping this weekend. Her family is the one that started this whole half-the-church-camping thing, and by golly, she just made up her mind she wasn't going to miss it. So the pitocin steadily increased all day Saturday. All day Sunday. ALL. DAY. MONDAY. Kaylie was finally born a little after 9 pm last night. That is one stubborn woman. And you know what?

The forecast for this weekend is rain.

I think I owe Cari bigtime.

Be thankful ~


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Kelce said...

I'm re-reading these and they're hilarous! Mama S, you have to promise me that before I die you and Dad Sargent will go camping with me. That's all I want :) Haha