Saturday, February 9, 2008

The way to my heart is NOT through my stomach.

I love reading. When the rest of my family is watching TV at night (except for those nights when American Idol is on), I can be found on my bed, reading. I enjoy biographies, Agatha Christie, Jeanne Williams, Louis L'Amour on occasion, some political stuff, and all the lawyer stories John Grisham writes.

So last week when I found out Grisham had a new book out, I went straight to my library's website to order the book. Sure enough, there it was, and I added my name to the waiting list. When I clicked on *complete order* it informed me that my queue position was 167.

Excuse me?

You mean as in 166 people get this book before me? Let's see. If each person gets the book for two weeks with no renewals allowed, that's 332 weeks. So I'll get the book in just over six years. I could get it in paperback by then, fer crying out loud!

So my sweet, who doesn't buy Valentine's presents but truly understands the romantic value of a GOOD BOOK, went to Border's and bought me my very own copy!

Who wants flowers? They die. Chocolates? They make me fat. Give me a book and win my heart. Told you I was a geek.

Be thankful ~



eleanor joyce said...

I'm with you on the book thing - right there! But where in the world do you store them all? Our house is overtaken with books. BTW I'm also with you on your take of McCain. Sigh.

carrie said...

yay books! I'm with you.

David and Rie said...

Glad you are feeling better! I'd rather have book gifts rather than flowers and candy too. :)