Friday, February 8, 2008

Technically savvy, I am not.

I do believe things are finally getting back to normal.

We've talked to Mike and Lovely several times in the last few days. First, Mike was crying the blues because Mitt Romney has suspended his campaign, and frankly, we think John McCain is a liberal democrat posing as a republican. And not doing a very good job of it. Then they called quite excited because they were going to hear the President speak - they are at CPAC in Washington DC communing with fellow conservatives. They were going to hear Ann Coulter speak, but her session was full with a 500 person waiting list. Lovely got to meet her last year, and got her picture taken with her. I told them both to get me some good pics, but you know how young, fanatical conservatives are.

Now that I think of it, I never did get that picture of Mike with Ted Danson in Iowa. Hmmm.

I would have loved to go to CPAC, but it just wasn't in the cards this year. Or rather, the budget. So I've been consoling myself by window shopping online. BooMama has posted links to some adorable things at Old Navy like these and these. But instead, I will be buying a glass door for my woodstove and having two new tires put on my car.

In my mind I am the best-dressed 46 year old I know.

Today I got in a throw-it-away frame of mind and started, you know, throwing things away. There have been two computer CPUs in my bedroom for a year and a half. One I donated to our church school, the other, which I remembered being inoperable (that's why we bought a new one way back when), I opened up and took a hammer to. I was afraid to just throw it away because I knew there was personal information on the hard drive and didn't want some technically savvy thief to get it. I was so proud of myself!

When I was telling Ben about it he got silent.

"Wasn't that smart of me?" I asked, encouraging him.

"Um, there were pictures on the hard drive. That's why we haven't thrown it out yet."


It will take a really technically savvy thief to get those pictures NOW!

Be thankful ~



LizardTales said...

I love when word people spell something wrong.. I'm not really a word person i do it all the time....

theif to thief


Mostly Sunny said...

The computer-smashing-oops sounds like something I'd do. It's good to let our husbands know every once in a while that we're not perfect, otherwise they'd have us on pedestals and, quite frankly, I'm afraid of heights!