Sunday, February 24, 2008

Some days are like that. Yes, they are. Or, how many men does it take to make coffee?

Sunday was going to be a difficult day. I knew it the moment I tried to move my big toe. You see, Saturday I spent 8 hours at the church workday. We are building a new auditorium (and kitchen, fellowship hall, offices, bandroom, classrooms, and elevator), and we are trying to save some money by doing the finish work ourselves. So every Saturday a bunch of people show up and the project manager has a list of tasks for us.

Saturday was sow and straw, and paint. A lot.

The sow and straw is not for the purpose of growing grass. It is solely for the benefit of the inspector, who insists that all areas prone to erosion be seeded and strawed, about three acres.

That's alotta straw. And since it is late February and everything is cold and damp and gray, there is much mud. Oh yes, much mud. And quite a large quantity of it came home on Elijah and me.

Then there was the paint. We rolled. We sprayed. We trimmed with two-inch cheap brushes. And if you've ever tried to cut a straight line with a cheap brush, you know how hard it is. Most of this painting was over our heads and we were standing on five-gallon buckets, so we did a lot of getting up on the bucket, getting down to load the brush, getting back up on the bucket, etc. You get the picture. Did you know that climbing up and down like that really gives your calves a good workout? Which is why my calves refused to work this morning.

Then we got to Sunday School where we had a new coffee pot. Actually, it's one that's been sitting in the pantry closet for a long time. We can't remember when it was used last, but figured it would be fine. Here are Ben and two other guys trying to make the thing brew:

We never did get coffee out of it, so after Sunday School Ben walked the whole thing to the dumpster. That'll teach the unruly coffee pots of the world!

In the end, we came home, ate lunch, and all went to sleep for a few hours, so the entire day was not wasted. It will take me until next Saturday to recover. Just in time for more paint and carpet.

Be thankful ~



JenIG said...

egads... i hope you guys get done soon. yuck! that is a lot of work!

carrie said...

no coffee? Ack! Hope you get that fixed!

Nicole said...

That was too funny to watch!