Friday, February 22, 2008

An old post from another blog

I was thinking about this story last night, and since I posted it on a different blog before I came to blogger, I thought I'd share it again. Lovely won't mind, I'm sure.

Posted in March 2007:

Boy, do I have a story to tell. This past Saturday, Abbie and I went into DC to get Leah from the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) at the Omni Hotel in the Woodley Park section. Since I hate driving (and parking) in DC, we decided to take the metro in, and the Woodley Park station is half a block from the hotel. This would be easy.

Ummm, no.

We got there, found Leah, and started for the metro station with the two girls carrying Leah's huge duffle bag between them, while I carried her book bag, purse, violin, and my purse. This station is waaaaaay underground, and the escalator is the longest one I've ever seen (though Ben says there's one longer in Atlanta). Here it is:

We had to wait for a break in the crowd to take the above picture. The girls were in front of me on the escalator with the duffle, and Leah had on these really cute little black lace soft-soled shoes. As we approached the end of the escalator, Leah tried to get a better grip on the duffle, put too much weight on the heels of her feet, and one of her shoes got sucked into the escalator.

There were literally hundreds of people behind us and the whole thing stopped! Leah stopped, dropped the duffle, and yelled, "Oh crap! My shoe!" So here we were, dropping all our stuff, trying to get out of the way of many hundreds of people, pulling at the shoe. We quickly realized it wasn't coming out, so we stood to the side, while half of DC walked by saying, "Oh, that ****s." No kidding, we heard that more than any other comment, though there were a few that said, "Oh, I'm so sorry!" Like they could do anything! One guy came back to ask if he could take a picture for his friends. Here are Abbie and Leah, shortly after we decided we'd better get help, and sent a station manager to call a technician:

Doesn't she look sad? She said, "This is the story of my life. Stupid things that happen to me, and playing music in random places."

So the waiting began. After about 20 minutes, Leah was bored so she decided to serenade us all. One guy came by and threw a dollar in her violin case!

We wound up waiting an hour and a half. So you know what happens when you get tired and bored? Everything gets funny. And Abbie starts taking pictures of really dumb things. She was the one who noticed the trash can nearby:

Now, this may not seem very funny, but look closely at one of the things that's not permitted:

So at least we know it's ok to put seeing-eye animals in the trash, but no others. Only in DC.

Be thankful ~



Modlmy said...

Well thanks mom. I'll tell you my next great humbling story when I call you later. At least I give you blogging material, right?

Yeah about five minutes after I asked you how to put that link thingie up there, I was poking around and figured it out. This thing is idiot-proof and I love it!

Modlmy said...

Oh and I forgot to tell you - we got off at that stop when we went to CPAC this year and I started laughing so then all the guys made me tell the story! LOL

Mostly Sunny said...

That was a very funny story. Be sure to tell Abbie: Way to make lemonade out of lemons!