Thursday, February 21, 2008

I need to make some crumpets.

I was thinking about tea today and remembered this joke Mike Pearl of No Greater Joy told us years ago:

Mike and Debi went out to dinner with two other couples. In trying to prove how sweet he was, one husband said to his wife, "Pass the honey, Honey."

Not wanting to be outdone, the second husband said to his wife, "Pass the sugar, Sugar."

So in true competitive-male spirit, Mike said sweetly to Debi, "Pass the tea, Bag."

Ahem. Probably untrue, but a good Mike-like story anyway.

On to tea.

My friend, Eleanor, at A Cup of Cold Water is sending me a box of Celestial Seasonings True Blueberry tea and I can't wait to try it. She mentioned it recently and when I went looking for it, couldn't find it anywhere. A new flavor of tea always gets me excited. What do you supposed that says about my personality?

Ben called from work and we were discussing the fact that I finally found him some Lady Grey Tea - he's particularly fond of it but it's hard for me to get. But then he told me that he hadn't had heartburn today until he drank a cup of it. This is bad because he battles frequent heartburn and really didn't want to give up his Lady Grey. But then he added, "Of course, it might have been the five Thin Mints I had with it. . ." Ya think?

Then Mike called from school today, something that usually gets dollar signs flashing before my eyes. But instead of another $150 book, he wanted to know where I got the Rooibus tea I gave him when he was home in January. Rooibus is red tea, full of health benefits, and comes in a huge variety of flavors. Mike's favorite is the Pumpkin Creme. It's funny to me that a houseful of college guys sits around and compares the flavors of tea, but it's better than beer, so I'll keep buying tea. The problem is that my friend, Marty, gave me the Rooibus, and got it at a tea shop in Indiana, so now I've got to find a supplier closer to home.

So. You know it's a slow blog-day when all you have to talk about is tea, but at least it's comforting and cheap. Gotta be thankful for the little things.

Be thankful ~


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kristarella said...

I love tea.
I love company with it too.

Earl Grey is my latest favorite.

Have a great weekend!