Thursday, January 31, 2008

Now go wash your hands.

My, my, aren't we a sick bunch?

Mike called yesterday to tell us he had been to the University Health Center and had a flu test. It was positive, they prescribed Tamiflu, and he was sending Lovely to the store for drugs and gatorade. He is currently in isolation in his apartment.

Lovely still cannot get rid of her sinus infection. She also visited the kind folks at UHC this morning, and was given a prescription for her SECOND antibiotic. She complained when it cost $9 rather than the usual 3, so I explained about the difference between generics and name-brand drugs. Mike never thought to complain that his Tamiflu was $97.36 - I am not making that number up - since he is not covered under our health insurance anymore. The things we take for granted. . .

Abbie is finally done chucking her cookies, but is now taking steady doses of Imodium, if you get my drift.

And lastly, Pete (yes, that's the dog) also had the stomach woozies, has recovered from that, had five immunizations this morning, and has some weird skin ailment that causes him to scratch and lick until we can't stand him. It's not fleas - possibly a bacterial thing. He, too, is on an antibiotic, as well as antihistamines to stop the itch and skin vitamins. For a dog. I didn't know they made such a thing. His bill was $106.

Too bad I don't get paid for being my family's doctor.

Be thankful ~



JenIG said...

gross! we've all have grodies over here, too. i don't mind getting sick (as long as it's not the pukies) because it's a good excuse to lay around and read. but i feel bad for geoff and coie.

Krystina said...

want to know something, McKenna, daniel and susan's daughter, has it too. and she's only 9 months! i think mark and i will stay away from fredericksburg this week. i'm working tomorrow anyways, though, i had my flu shot :)