Saturday, January 19, 2008

My baby girl is not a baby.

I love a hot bath. There's just nothing more relaxing to me than a good, long soak. No one can get to me. The phone can't interrupt. No one can possibly want me for anything. I lock the door to make sure.

As an aside, I used to have a Yorkie who followed me around the house. Wherever I went, he went, including the bathroom, so I learned to make sure the door was latched and locked it for good measure.

Anyway, I was enjoying a good mind-numbing soak last night when I heard, was it really? Yes, the front door opened and someone was singing "Happy Birthday" rather loudly, but quite in tune. Adorable is turning 18 on Tuesday, but that's another post for another day. When I have tissues available. So here I am in my bubble-filled 'nother world thinking, "I can't believe the McG's (our neighbors) can sing that well!" Then at some point I realized, IT'S MIKE AND LOVELY!!! They had come home from college for the weekend to wish their little sister a happy birthday. AWWWWWW! Too sweet. And that was worth cutting my sanity maintenance short for.

And speaking of Lovely, she does not have mono, nor does she have the flu. She has a sinus infection. But with her handy-dandy antibiotic, she's feeling much better. And I am much relieved.

So this morning we all went and helped a single mom with a 29-year-old very disabled son move some furniture down the narrow, steep stairs of their house - they are moving to a one-story to make caring for the son easier. Then the girls went off shopping and movie-going, the boys went to do some work for another family in the church, and I went to the kitchen. Put laundry in washer. Chocolate birthday cake. Chocolate icing. Laundry in dryer. Put together Rigatoni with Bechamel and Prosciutto for supper. Iron 9 shirts. Bake three loaves of pumpkin bread for Sunday School. Serve dinner, do cake, do presents, clean up from dinner. Now I'm really looking for my bubbles, but a shower will have to do.

And here I sit, because after all, I have my priorities in order, y'all.

More on the 18th birthday saga as it continues to unfold. . .

Be thankful ~


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