Monday, January 21, 2008

In which there was much birthdaying

So Baby Girl (aka Adorable) is 18. Mike and Lovely came home to join the festivities and all was wonderful. We had our own little family celebration with Abbie's favorite chocolate cake:

And she blew out all 18 candles with one breath! I almost missed the picture, but y'all were in my mind and I just couldn't disappoint you by missing another photo op.
Then, unbeknownst to Abbie, we had planned a party for after the evening service last night. We expected the youth group and a few other adults, and wound up with around 60 people. Our friend Karyn made the cake, which included 18 mice, some coming out of the cheese:
This woman is so creative, she amazes me with the ideas for cakes she comes up with.
Here's Abbie being totally surprised. . .
and crying:

On her real birthday, which is Tuesday, we are going to the March for Life in DC. She has always wanted to do that, and we can finally fit it in the schedule this year. We're taking her friend Boo with us and praying for no rain and something warmer than this morning's 7 degrees.

So the birthdaying goes on and on and by the end of it all, I will need to do a solid eight hours on the elliptical to work off all the chocolate cake.

Be thankful ~



Jessica Courter said...

Happy birthday Abigail!! Time sure does fly by...! Looks like you had a grand time :)

Mostly Sunny said...

That cake was a hoot! We bought my 18 yr. old a cake from Costco, which was delish and cute, but certainly didn't compare!! And I've missed those blowing-out-the-candles moments and actually relit the candles to do it all again!

eleanor joyce said...

Aww. What a special family moment...and 60 people to share that very cool birthday cake! Your family is blessed, and a blessing, I am sure.