Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's because I have a uterus.

At least that's what my sister-in-law says. In true Jeopardy fashion, I'll tell you that the question to the answer is, "How come you can find things when other people can't?"

Ben doesn't even bother looking for missing items anymore. He just tells me what to find, and I do. And I'm telling you, it's because I have a uterus.
That's the only explanation there is.

So this week my uterus will come in handy. Abbie and Elijah went on a winter retreat with the youth group to a nifty camp about an hour from here and, when the word went out to get their luggage to the bus for the trip home, Elijah missed it. He did have the presence of mind to check his cabin before they left and found that his stuff was gone. So he assumed somebody had put it in the bus.


Somebody may have put it in a bus, but it wasn't ours. Let the sleuthing begin.

I have already spoken to the youth pastor from the church who shared our bus and van, e-mailed the camp, and our youth pastor is contacting all the other churches that were there. This suitcase is full of sweaty, muddy clothes and shoes. It will be like Lazarus by the time we get it - John 11:39 - by now he stinketh.

My overriding thought through all of this is that I have a mere 3 1/2 years to get this child ready to be on his own. I wonder if he'll be able to find his clothes?

Be thankful ~



Lisa said...

HAHAHAHA! This made me laugh because I sometimes call myself "Mommy, Finder of All Lost Things". I'd never linked that ability to the fact that I have a uterus, but I really think you're onto something!
Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm sorry that the first entry you read was about my dog...I hope that won't stop you from visiting again! Usually I'm waaay more upbeat that that!

carrie said...

I always laugh when I remember you saying that in a comment one time. It's so darn true.

eleanor joyce said...

Yup, in this house we talk about male pattern blindness. I have a husband with this condition, as well as a 17 year old son. 'Nuf said! Nice visiting with you, Karen!

TobyBo said...

you could just wait the few days and let child find it on his own by the smell...

Anonymous said...
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