Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sometimes I miss the toddler days.

We have friends at church who have four boys. Cory is 19 and a freshman at college on the other side of the country, so he's been gone since August. Brent is 17 and in high school. Then they have 5-year-old Luke and 2-year-old Paul. All the brothers are very close, and if you knew this family, you'd understand why. They are just really nice, happy people.

Cory flew home last Wednesday, but got home so late the little boys were asleep. So Thursday morning Cory jumped in Paul's bed and Luke joined them, and the three of them just talked and laughed for an hour. Finally Paul went downstairs and said to his mama, "I just love Cory, don't you, Mama?"

Now don't lie- you know you said, "Awwwwww!"

Be thankful ~


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