Monday, December 3, 2007

LBA or Lousy Bloggers Anonymous - anyone care to join me for my first meeting?

My name is Karen and I'm a lousy blogger.

I try. I really do. But life happens and four days go by and I miss three Scrumptious Sundays in a row and I wind up on the deficit side again. *sigh*

Somehow the days get away from me, but when I sit here and try to think of something interesting to write, nothing comes forth. Maybe my brain needs more fiber. Sorry, that was too graphic.

Saturday we raked at least five trillion leaves into the woods around our yard. Today the wind came and four-and-a-half trillion of them are back on the grass. The kids keep asking why we have to do this and I have no good answer. Because our ancestors did? Somebody help me here. Then we went to a bridal shower for a couple in our Sunday School class which would have been fun except for the shower game we played. We divided into teams and each team got a few packages of tissue paper and a roll of tape. One person was the bride and the rest of us designed a bridal gown on her. Oy, veh ist mir! I am SO NOT creative! Our bride looked like a child who runs through the sheets on the clothesline and keeps going with them flapping in the breeze. But the award went to the team with the least pathetic version and that just happened to be US. Don't tell anyone the judge was a 7-year-old.

Sunday we went to the kids' U. to hear Leah's holiday concert. A small-ish orchestra played with the U. Chorale and they performed Vivaldi's Gloria, and let me tell you, words will never do it justice. It was the most fun I've had at a concert yet, because I remember singing that when I was in college, and I could even hum along and remember some of the Latin. When the two sopranos sang Laudamus Te I got goosebumps. After intermission the whole symphony played along with the Chorale for some Christmas carols and they were wonderful. Of course, they wouldn't have been nearly so good without that violinist in the fifth chair. *wink* They really are an incredibly good symphony.

After that we went out for a lightning-fast pizza supper and off to church 10 minutes late where Leah's friend, Jenny, was getting baptized. It would have been a perfect end to the evening except that we had to drive two hours home. Drag.

Hopefully this week I will catch up on my deficit of Scrumptious Sunday recipes and you will forgive my inattentiveness to my blog.

Be thankful ~



CresceNet said...
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ummmhello said...

Hey, it hasn't been that long since your last one! I do need some recipes though.... j/k
How's the headache treatment going?

Krystina said...

oh me, me, i'll join your group...