Thursday, November 29, 2007

My brain on drugs. Part 2

So the drowsiness is wearing off, slightly. For two days I've been able to get a few things done, and even managed a long division problem involving decimals. With help from Elijah. However, other difficulties are cropping up.

Last night Ben came home with another torn cuff on a pair of dress slacks. The same cuff, in fact, that I fixed two weeks ago. Now he would be the first to admit that he's pretty hard on clothes. His best bet is chainmail, but that doesn't always go over well in the office. So while I was examining it, he was explaining that it ripped again because I didn't use small enough stitches.

And something in me snapped.

Bless his heart, he just didn't understand why I told him he should just throw the lousy pants in the garbage because they were obviously no good, that he couldn't have pants with a cuff that wouldn't get torn apart by his other shoe every time he tried to get out of the car, and while he was at it, he might as well junk the stupid car because if he couldn't get out of it without ripping his pants, it wasn't worth having. *huff*

Then we both started laughing, because this is obviously not me speaking, but the effects of my lovely anti-depressant which is supposed to keep me from having headaches, which is also not doing the job.

So I said, "God help me if I ever really need it to anti-depress me - it just makes me crabby." To which he replied, "No, God help ME," and we laughed again. He's a keeper.

Be thankful ~


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