Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Today my baby and her husband left to go back to TN - how sad! She started crying and I told her, "No crying. Besides, at least you'll get to see Eli." That's her very dumb dog. And that made her cry even more, but got a laugh out of David. Eli is the dog who has chewed a huge hole in a long curtain, and crawls halfway through the hole and lies there all tangled in it. The dog who plays with spiders and moths. He's also the dog who has been shot at by several neighbors for chasing their chickens, and whose life was spared by one very kind Amishman after he (Eli) killed a goose. So now Eli spends his life tied up or in the house. And in case you're wondering, he's named after Eli Manning who is going to have a very difficult year this year.

Be thankful ~


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Coie said...

Uh oh...If my momsie sees this she'll NEVER let me get married.