Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I say, old chap, shall we speak English?

Yahoo! is my homepage, so every morning I am greeted with what the fine folks at Yahoo! believe to be the most important news headlines of the day. One of today's lead stories was this one about the newest words to be added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Among them are "ginormous," "sudoku," and "smackdown." I'm gagging, but the old saying is true - if you say something long enough, it becomes acceptable. But really, ginormous?? What's wrong with gigantic and enormous?

On those lines, I offer this slaughter of English which I actually heard in person:

Boo (to his friend, Jacob): Dude, dude, that dude is tall!

Did you get that? That's one word, dude, being used as an exclamation meaning "wow" or "by golly," a noun of direct address (set off by commas, of course), and a common noun meaning "fellow." So let's get back to our English roots and say it like a true Brit: "By golly, Jake, that fellow is tall!"

Be thankful ~


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