Saturday, May 12, 2007

Warning: Rant

I am sick of women preachers. It is quite common for churches to have Mother-Daughter banquets around this time of year, and my daughters and I have enjoyed a few over the years. Usually a woman is brought in from outside the church to "speak" or "give a devotion" or whatever you want to call it. But last night we had an apparently well-known woman speaker (I had never heard of her) come to "preach." She has a beautiful singing voice and first shared some music. Then she started "sharing" with us. She got very emotional, always appealing to the ladies' feelings, and guessing about how a certain woman in the Bible was feeling or what she was imagining. Then she made the ever-popular comment that made me shut my ears. She accused all teenagers of being troublesome to their mothers. Now how do you think that made all the teenage girls feel? It so aggravates me when people lump all teens together as problems that we can't wait to get rid of. I wouldn't walk two blocks to hear this well-known speaker again. In my opinion, and it may sound harsh, she should stick to being the wife and mother God designed her to be, and leave the preaching to men.

Be thankful ~



Carrie said...

I do hate that. What happened to loving people the way Jesus did/does? Doesn't that include teenagers?

humpty said...

Sounds like they invited the wrong person to speak. I'm not a fan of women preachers either, for two reasons - one, I don't read it in the Bible, and two, I just don't like listening to them. Some of them are just embarassing, ahem! Paula White, ahem!