Sunday, May 13, 2007

Contributing to my Own Delinquency

Ben's going away party at EDO was Friday and I went up to Arlington for it. (In case you don't know, he is starting a new job tomorrow, much closer to home and with a big salary increase.) They had a big lunch, cake, and gave him a fancy-schmancy coffee maker along with three bags of Starbucks coffee. Now I never thought I'd be a coffee snob, but I have become just that. Every once in a while I think it would probably be good to stop drinking coffee, but then I repent and ask forgiveness. And the kind they gave him, Breakfast Blend, is my all-time favorite. Ben prefers the bold and extra bold ones, but I like mine either mild or medium. So I'm really excited about this gift, because it's ALL MINE! Now if I could just get someone to give me a case of Coffeemate French Vanilla. . .

I'm really thankful for my teenagers today. They are a blessing to me every day, without fail.

Be thankful ~


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Coie Igarashi said...

I noticed you switched your blog over! I will also be moving mine soon. The address will be