Thursday, April 9, 2015

And miles to go before I sleep.

I have a love/hate relationship with my bed. I love my sleep, but my current mattress isn't conducive to much of it. Over the years Ben and I have had two different water beds and six or eight innerspring mattresses, from Guido's discount cheap-o to a fancy Kingsdown pillow-top that made us feel like we were sleeping in matching canyons within the first six months. I've been threatening for years to buy a foam bed, but I keep shying away from them for various reasons, most of which involve me not wanting to part with many thousands of dollars. Ben is willing to get whatever I want since he can literally sleep standing up, and has. His Fitbit routinely tells him that it took him zero seconds to fall asleep.

I've been on a mattress-research kick for the last few months, knowing our current sleep situation is precarious at best. Fourteen hundred dollars only gets you two and a half years worth of mattress these days, and the last two years are iffy.

So yesterday when we were talking finances, I mentioned that I had opened the IRA and had paid the taxes that day which has pretty much wiped out any semblance of a savings account balance we had. I lamented that I'd really enjoyed the security of having $10,000 dollars in the bank.

Ben commented, "It was a nice month."

And that's the story of our life. But like I said yesterday, our needs are met, and as Ben says, it's only money.

So today I stopped at Sleepy's (the mattress store) after work and told the salesperson my sad tale of insomniatic woe (I just made that word up). She immediately led me to the second-most-expensive bed in the store, a Tempur-Pedic Flex Hybrid Elite, which I now want.

I would love to hear your opinion if you have experience with a memory foam bed. I've only slept in one, and while it was quite firm, I didn't mind it. My friend explained that you don't get in it as much as you get on it, and that's an accurate statement. But I'm leaning in that direction. And while I love doing research, I'm approaching information overload and will need to just make a decision at some point. Hopefully soon.

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Rachel said...

I have an inexpensive foam bed. $400 on sale from Costco. It is warmer..ish. It has some kind of gel stuff in the top to keep us cool. When I first get in I love the firmness. My husband is warmer and through the night warms his gel more than me and creates a slant. Not horrible. It helps his back and so we have kept it. I imagine a more expensive one would preform better? I have heard awesome things about Tempur-Pedic.