Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Is this the longest week ever?

You just never know what a day is going to bring, and while you can't sit around fretting about what-ifs, it would be nice if you could be prepared in some teensy way. These things always remind me of a story Corrie Ten Boom told her sister about grace. She said it was like a train ticket. She told Betsy that Father never gave her a train ticket until the conductor was coming through and wanted to punch it because she didn't need it before that. She said grace was the same way—that God didn't give it until you needed it, and then he gave all you needed. So true.

Also, I've been on a music downer lately. Christian music choices on the radio where I live are pretty limited, and I just can't make myself listen to most of it. But today after some pretty stinky news, I flipped on the radio and heard this line: "Your hands are holding me even when I don't believe it." Good job, God.

And that's all I'm going to say about THAT.

In happy news, we got a call from our eldest today that he is back in the US. It was so good to hear his voice.

Also, I planted kale and yellow and green squash yesterday, and my little tomato plants are trying valiantly not to die before they're big enough to put in the ground. Come on, little babies! I've tried for several years to grow plants from seeds, and every time has been a colossal failure that ended with a trip to Lowe's to buy plants. I'm trying to get my average up to .250 this year.

And now after a conversation about yeast die-off symptoms with my daughter, I'm going to quit this day.

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