Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday update.

We are home this morning because of the freezing rain and icy roads. Ben is using the time to finish painting the living room, and then all that's left to paint is the kitchen. It will look lovely when I leave.

Every time we buy a house, we vow that we will paint and fix-up while we live in it so we can enjoy it looking nice, and not wait until we need to sell it. And every time, we fail.

I am using this extra time wisely, trolling on Twitter and reading articles posted on LinkedIn. (I am also trying to figure out how to use LinkedIn. What is its purpose? What am I supposed to get out of it? It's all so unclear.) I could be paying bills or cleaning windows or the bathroom, but where's the fun in that?

So, a few things I found interesting or funny this week:

1. I found this article on Twitter and thoroughly enjoyed it. Apparently I am geriatric.

2. I follow a person on Twitter (can't remember who) whose bio says he is engaged daily in "deskly arts." I just love that and told him so, and he replied that I could use that phrase but I would have to say it in my Harry Potter voice. I have no idea what that means. Is "deskly arts" a reference to HP? On that note, I tried once to read the first book in that series, and after 50 or so pages, I gave up. Just couldn't get into it. Please don't hate. Also, I am currently trying to read Persuasion by Jane Austen for a book club and would rather have my toenails plucked out. What on EARTH are they saying?

3. Since I started my self-imposed Facebook fast, I have popped in just a couple of times to answer direct messages and the more I pop in, the less I miss it. There really is not much of substance; very little, really.

4. I did a little binge-watching of Word Sneak with Jimmy Kimmel on YouTube the other day. So funny.

And now suddenly I find myself the possessor of a terrible headache, so I'm going to drink more coffee and take some Tylenol.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Jen's Busy Days said...


Can I pick your grammar brain please?

Why does this sentence seem wrong in its wording?

"Format is the layout and typography of a document."

I would have thought it would be 'Formatting'.

Thanks for your help, and I love catching up on your blogs. Funny how you keep blogging even though you aren't sure you have much to say. I like it.

Best wishes
Jen in Oz

Jen's Busy Days said...

Oh, and just to add to the niggling feeling that there is something wrong with the wording there is this further down in the document.

Format is required for all documents including:
• Email
• Forms
• Letters
• Memos
• Minutes of meetings
Format may also include:
• Specified work standards
• Legislation
• Australian Standards
• Standards set by work group
• Tables

Why does this sound wrong?

Jen in Oz