Wednesday, March 4, 2015

In which I ran out of emotion over this eternal winter.

6:31 pm, March 4, 2015. Happy Grammar Day.

It's going to snow again.

I left work today, bought two rotisserie chickens at Food Lion, and then drove out to the farm for milk and eggs. I will bake bread tomorrow, and I have enough toilet paper. I think that covers everything you're supposed to have for a storm, doesn't it?

I am, at the moment, quite over winter.  I am, however, trying not to join the ranks of "darn complainers" (long story), so I'll post a few things that made me happy today.

1. Rotisserie chickens. God bless the person who first thought of slathering that goodness all over a raw bird and cooking it slowly. And in most cases, they are no more expensive than buying a fresh bird and roasting it yourself, and way more satisfying because no cooking!

2. A woodstove when it's cold and rainy out.

3. Abbey's ability to get a flight out of Nashville a day early, before the snow and ice hit.

4. An honest translator who corrected my too-high word count on her PO. Yay honest people.

5. A sick co-worker who has stayed home the last three days instead of bringing her germs to the office.

6. Hail Merry macaroons. The chocolate ones. (Except I just went to their website to grab the link and found out they also have caramel sea salt? How did I not know this?)

7. Reading an article that says cardio is not the way to lose weight. I'm glad to get out from under THAT load of guilt.

8. A hot bath at the end of the day.

(Insert break here while Ben comes home, eats dinner, and we talk about living in a tiny house.)


9. A husband who knows when I need a proverbial kick in the pants to get myself to the gym. He has laid down the law: Starting Monday, we don't eat dinner until we have both worked out. Hello, diet.
Oh, I kid. I'm looking forward to it.

10. When great songs get stuck in my head and I'm forced to go look up the lyrics. The latest is His Robes for Mine.

Snow day tomorrow. Woot.

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