Saturday, February 14, 2015

Twelve days.

People. I have so much to say.

In our last episode, the new PC was packed up and ready to be shipped back from whence it came. It has since then been returned and credit has been received for that errant purchase. A few days later, I went to Best Buy and bought another Mac and can I just say how amazingly awesome it is? I can operate it. I can find things. I can back it up. It took me under two hours to transfer all my photos, music, and Firefox bookmarks. And dang, but that retina display is some kind of beautiful!

I also had to get MS Office for Mac and this newer version is much closer to what I have on my PC at work, so it's all going to work out and I don't have to complain about it any more. Aren't you glad?

I had a conversation with my brother about this whole evolution, and he asked how much more, percentage-wise, did it cost me to buy the Mac. The answer is 74% more. And it's worth every penny. I've drunk the Apple kool-aid and I'll never go back. They just make a vastly superior product.

In other news, I had two teeth prepped for crowns this week, and if that's not as bad as a root canal, I hope I never need one. Once you're numb you (obviously) don't feel anything, but the SOUND is horrific and I'm an anxious wreck the whole time. And once the novocaine wears off, your mouth feels like an army of tanks has plowed through. I'm still recovering. The one good thing about it is that you don't feel like eating much.

And speaking of eating, Ben and I are in a food rut. You know how you suddenly realize you hate everything you cook, nothing tastes good, and let's go out to eat? We are SO there. This morning I went to the commissary (which I do only once a month now since we have no kids at home), and what did they have on sale but huge, beautiful briskets! Have you ever cooked a brisket? Do it the way my Jewish grandmother did—easy, peasy and it will make a party in your mouth (better than an army of tanks).

Put the brisket in a 13x9 pan, fat side up (I trim some of the fat off, but leave enough to make it tender). Put uncovered in a preheated 500° oven for about 20 minutes to brown. Reduce oven heat to 300°. Mix half a bottle of chili sauce with half a bottle of water and pour that over the meat. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, throw in a bay leaf and two quartered onions, cover tightly with foil, and put back in the oven. For a small brisket (or a half), bake it about 2.5–3 hours; for a big one, 4 hours. Cut in thin slices across the grain (that's important) and serve with mashed potatoes and fresh green beans. Amazing. I would show you a picture but I was too busy eating to take one.

Last weekend we went to New Jersey for my mother-in-law's 80th birthday party. In addition to the best pizza ever, we had more than our share of Wawa coffee and I made a startling discovery: New Jersey Wawa coffee is not as good as Virginia Wawa coffee. I was so surprised! We figured it must be the different water, but how sad is that? Those poor New Jerseyans!

Now I'm going to jump off here and go watch a movie with the hubs. Valentine's Day and all that.

Au revoir!


Connie said...

Crowns, yuck. I would rather have a root canal any day! Hope you are feeling better!

Connie said...

Crowns, yuck. I would rather have a root canal any day! Hope you are feeling better!