Monday, April 14, 2014

I miss my blog. It seems like every day something happens that starts a train of thought I want to put down in writing, but then I get home, make dinner, clean up, take a shower, and it's time for bed. Working-girl problems, for sure. I hope someday I have time to be a real blogger again.

In the meantime, Here's a quickie list of recent happenings.

Ben and I spent a day in Virginia Beach. Breakfast at Cracker Barrel, walked the whole 5.5-mile boardwalk (Why do they call it that? It's paved, not boards.), had a slice of bad pizza, and drove home. It was lovely.

Leah's house was broken into while they were sleeping. That's what happens when you leave a window open in the city. I'm glad she's moving.

It's pollen season, and so far it hasn't been bothering me. It's the Plexus. (More on that later.)

Work, work, and more work, but I'm thankful for a job that pays the tuition.

Pete is living at home while Abbey and Leah go check out their new home city in Tennessee. He picked up some bad habits while he was living in a house full of girls: drinking out of the toilet and taking off at full speed as soon as you open the door. And he sheds just as much.

Tomorrow is tax day, but the day after is free-coffee-at-Wawa day. Don't forget to get yours!

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