Thursday, January 17, 2013

Time to blog.

Today I got this anonymous comment:

Time to blog.

Indeed. It's been six days since I've written here, but I've been keeping myself quite busy. I've edited a book and finished the first week's assignments in my first master's level course, Advanced Educational Psychology. I was a nervous nut-bag about the class work, so as soon as I got up Monday morning, I dove in with a vengeance. I was finished with all of it, including the first paper, by Tuesday afternoon. Now that I know I really can get it all done, I'll probably turn into a slacker.

Or not. I've already done half the reading for next week and spent yesterday evening finding the three articles I have to review for the next paper, due in week two. This afternoon I'll try to finish the reading and then start on the articles.

And what else? It's been raining since Monday, and even though it's 42° right now, they're predicting snow tonight. A little freeze will be good though. It might make it easier to get the truck out of the bottom of the backyard, where it sits in six or eight inches of mud. Next time we move, I want a level piece of land.

I've spoken to Mansquared once this week, and things seem to be going well for him. When he was getting ready to go and we were making his packing lists, I mentioned he should have an umbrella. The students affectionately call it "Drenchburg." He declined. So yesterday Abbey went to Walmart and got him an umbrella and took it to him. She assured him it was okay by saying, "It's black. That's manly." He replied, "I would take it if it was pink." He's been introduced to Drenchburg.

Tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday are all supposed to be sunny. I'm ready for it!

Be thankful ~

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