Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pumpkin bread wars.

Remember when I said I was thankful for my kids who make me laugh? It just keeps coming.

You all know I'm famous for my pumpkin bread. My family will do just about anything to get some. Well last Thursday I decided to make a batch for my farmer-lady who was celebrating a birthday. As soon as he realized what I was doing, Mansquared started moaning and complaining about how I NEVER make him any goodies and after ALL the work he does carrying FIREWOOD and raking LEAVES how could I make PUMPKIN BREAD and give it all AWAY??

So I made two batches. I'm easily manipulated. Plus I wanted pumpkin bread.

Twenty-four hours, only the last two inches of the last loaf was left. Ben happened to be in the kitchen and noticed this, so he did what any of the males in my house would normally do. He hid it.

In here. This is the cabinet right above the toaster.

On the top shelf of this cabinet is a basket that holds medicines, odd vitamins, and Zicam. Today I was looking for the Zicam, and when I pulled down the basket, lo and behold, there was that last chunk of pumpkin bread. And before I knew what I was doing, I said (out loud), "Ha! Dad hid the last of the pumpkin bread in the medicine basket!" (Ben was not home at the time.)

At that, Mansquared came running into the kitchen, incredulous that he had been denied the object of his stomach's deep and abiding love once again. He snatched it away and took a big bite, while he was walking to the computer for a blank piece of paper.

In place of the pumpkin bread, he left this note:

Be thankful ~

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Kayla said...

Mine hide things, and forget about them. So,I find the hard, crusty (sometimes moldy) remains of whatever they were trying to save for themselves!