Wednesday, November 21, 2012

On being thankful. Day 21.

Sometimes it is a good thing to go back and read posts you wrote way back when. For instance, just moments ago I went back to November 1 to read the first one I wrote on being thankful, and it's a good thing I did even though it's really too late.

In my first post, I had just downloaded the Blogger app to my phone and determined that I was going to find something out of the ordinary to be thankful for every day this month. My thought was that I would catch a photo of some little thing that brightened each day and post it from my phone. Wasn't that a great idea?

Maybe next year.

Today I'm thankful for a daughter who is such a talented photographer (Abbey of EY Photography and Fine Art). She recently took engagement pictures for her dear friend Noelle and her fiance Mark (Noelle's fiance, not Abbey's). Remember Noelle with the beautiful brown eyes?

Hi, Noelle!

I love all the photos, but especially the ones where she is wearing her Cowboys jersey and he's wearing his Redskins one. So cute! I'd love to be a fly on the wall on game day.

I always love looking at photos Abbey takes.

So far today I've gone to the gym, mailed a box of cookies to the other side of the world (for Mike), done laundry, made a sweet potato casserole, a green bean casserole, two loaves of egg bread, and breakfast for dinner, ground a bunch of wheat for tomorrow's rolls, and taken a shower.

Tomorrow is the day we stuff ourselves into a food coma and then sleep it off. Looking forward to it.

Be thankful ~

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