Friday, October 19, 2012

Gateway to the West . . . and the heaves.

Mansquared is in St. Louis this weekend with a bunch of Ben's friends going to the Rams vs. Packers football game on Sunday. Ben was supposed to be there too except that I got sick and never got better. He made the very sweet decision to stay home and take care of me a few days before they were supposed to go. I felt bad and tried my hardest to talk him into going, but he wouldn't do it.

The day before they were leaving, I woke up with a big knot in my upper back, probably from all the lying around I've been doing. The day they were leaving Ben got up early to see them off with a big breakfast, and when he came in the bedroom as I was waking up, I could hardly move. I was reduced to tears just trying to lift my right arm.

So the bottom line is this: it's a good thing he stayed home. He got me to the chiropractor, forced me to do nothing, and got me an antibiotic to try, just in case the mystery illness is bacterial. I've not been the best patient, but he's been very sweet and good at taking care of me.

So today I got this cell phone picture from Mansquared with the caption "The specks are people."

I couldn't tell what it was on my phone, so I texted back, "What is it?" and he answered, "I'm in the Arch!" and I immediately felt woozy. The white things are buses. And Mansquared says the Arch sways in the wind. I'd be puking for sure.

Ben is glad he missed this part. :)

Be thankful ~

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NaomiG said...

I'm not really afraid of heights. But I can see how that would be terrifying, if it sways in the wind.