Monday, October 29, 2012

31 Days: Day 29 — In which I remember I have a blog.

Well, hello! I seriously just remembered I have a commitment that lasts three more days. Sorry about that. With all the Sandy hype and school and store closings, I just plain forgot about it.

I have, however, been watching a lot of the coverage on the Weather Channel. I grew up in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, which has been featured in a lot of the coverage today as the place that is rolling out the Sandy welcome mat, so I'm concerned about friends and family who still live there. The whole town is only a mile square, so no matter what part you live in, you're sure to be flooded to some extent. I'm pretty sure they're under a mandatory evacuation, but that doesn't keep people from wanting to ride it out.

So in all my Weather Channel watching, I've recorded a few things the weather people say. They are only surpassed in horrid English by sportscasters, especially NASCAR announcers.

Anyway, here are a few of the statements we've heard today:

 . . . currently going on now (if saying something twice is redundant, what is saying something three times—re-redundant?)

 . . . trees in full leaf canopy (while camera pans over pine trees—cameraman needs biology lesson)

 . . . because some of these buildings, in 70 mph winds, could easily get as high as 90 mph (I am not making this up. This was said by everybody's favorite hurricane guy, Jim Cantore)

There are flooding on some roads . . . (*headdesk*)

 . . . coming ashore around 8, 9, 10 pm this evening (as opposed to 10 pm this morning)

I do understand the urgency of getting information out quickly in these situations, and I hate to bag on anybody who is under stress, but sometimes I think they're just looking for ways to say things more dramatically whether they make sense or not.

I'm going to post this now before the power goes out even though I haven't actually given a lesson. If I have a chance to come back after supper and add one, I'll do that.

Those of you in Sandy's path, hang in there and be safe! And watch out for those 90 mph buildings.

Be thankful ~


Here are a few more from this evening's report:

We’re following Sandy with a fine-tooth comb. (I loved mixed metaphors.)

This is going to be a very enormous effort. (Which is bigger than just a plain old enormous effort.)

It’s gonna be a lot more hairy here. (Thank you for that critical information.)

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Anita said...

=) The winds have definitely picked up around here and the store shelves are bare. Talk about wanting batteries...forget it! I'm glad I don't need anything.

I hope you're able to rest - especially after your commitment this month is complete. I've appreciated the time you put in to each post. God bless.