Sunday, October 14, 2012

31 Days: Day 14 — Linky love.

You know how every night I say I'm tired so this will be short? Well tonight I'm not lying. Which isn't even related to yesterday's lesson regarding lie and lay. This is a different lie altogether, which is conjugated lie, lied, have lied, and doesn't usually get confused with anything other than the truth.

Now that we're clear on that . . .

Tonight I'm just going to share a few of my favorite grammar sites (not sights). Some of these are educational, some are just plain fun, and some are a little of both. Enjoy!

Grammar Gorillas is a game that can be played at two levels. Good for practicing basic grammar.

Grammar Girl Mignon Fogarty shares a daily grammar/usage lesson that's easy to understand and useful in everyday life. I like her writing style.

The Snarky Student's Guide to Grammar also features daily lessons, and you can send in examples of errors you find in the wild.

I recently discovered Elizabeth at Grammar Revolution on Twitter. Elizabeth and I share a love of diagramming sentences. She's a true kindred spirit. Don't write her off until you visit her site.

You all know I'm a fan of Bill Walsh, copy editor at The Washington Post. Bill's website is The Slot, which began in August 1995 as the Crusty Old Slot Man's Copy-Editing Peeve Page. He is definitely crusty, but I love reading his grumblings—he's the Walter Matthau of English. He also writes Blogslot, the companion blog to The Slot.

And finally, if you get a kick out of the improper use of quotation marks, check out the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks. It's usually good for a laugh.

Can you believe how short this is? I'm even surprised myself. But exhaustion will do that. Back tomorrow with more good grammar.

Be thankful ~


Kayla said...

Go to bed. Lie down and take a nap. (I think I used that one correctly.)

Dorothy said...

Did they discover what is wrong with you? Thanks so much for your daily grammar lessons!

Anonymous said...

Get some rest and feel better soon! I'll check out these links after church. Have a nice day.