Thursday, September 13, 2012

Keeping it real.

I just had a great conversation with my daughter, Deb, the mother of my two grandbabies. Bean is now a little over three years old, and Button a little over one. They are normally very well-behaved boys, and she doesn't even think twice about taking them everywhere with her.

She was telling me about going to a consignment sale with the boys yesterday to get them some winter clothes. Button has been cutting a lot of teeth lately, so she was wearing him in some kind of sling-thing. He screamed in her face the entire hour. There were no shopping carts, so Bean had to walk alongside her, which made him quite unhappy. He whined and fussed and finally fell down and had a screaming-kicking fit. Can you picture this? One small woman wearing a squalling baby, watching a defiant toddler thrash about wildly on the floor. And of course everyone there had to stop and watch.

Later when they were in the van heading home, Bean said to her, "Mama, why was I acting like that? That was bad!"

He was a little late on the uptake.

Then we were talking about being on conference calls for work with little ones in the house, especially when your mute button doesn't work. Hers doesn't. She said one time she was on a call with all of her co-workers and boss when she spied Bean on the deck. She ran out and, pressing her phone into her stomach so the others couldn't hear what she was saying, hollered, "Bean, stop peeing on the cat!" Unfortunately, all of her co-workers heard her words of wisdom, and their company meetings have never recovered.

I love hearing all the toddler stories without having to be responsible for them. ;)

Be thankful ~

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