Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Home again.

I got home this afternoon from a very quick trip to Lynchburg to rescue the cell-phone-less daughter who goes to school there. Saturday night she realized she hadn't gotten any texts all day, then the next morning in church she got 25. Later that day she got another 80. And whenever she sent me a text, I got it two or three times, or not at all. Such is the life of a cheap phone.

Anyway, I went down Tuesday afternoon. We went to see the friendly folks at the Verizon store, then to Ross and Target because I committed the sin of not buying myself anything for my birthday and Abbey was determined we would right that wrong. We did, and then when I told her we could eat dinner anywhere she wanted, she chose Chipotle. She's a girl after my own heart.

Then we stayed up late making busy bags for Bean and Button, and then watched Baby Mama.

Stop touching it when I'm touching it!

Your stupid space car won't let me out!

Free speech. Look it up. It's in the thing.

This morning we went to convo, which is always fun (think church with 15,000 college students), I made Abbey and her housemates some homemade bread, and then I came home. Oh, and I stopped at the farm for fresh milk and eggs on the way, and found the short way home—25 minutes rather than 45. Aside from finding out the hard (haha) way that our air mattress has a leak, it was a fun time.

Now I'm home, the laundry is started, the dog hair swept up in the laundry room, and I'm skipping church tonight to work, since I blew it off for two days.

Be thankful ~

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Deb said...

Baby Mama is one of my favorite movies ever. SO FUNNY!
And I think I get my punny sense of humor from you;)