Friday, March 2, 2012

P52 Week 9: A Great Leap

I keep waiting for the weekly assignment to get easier and so far, it hasn't. This week was a serious trial since I live with a 52-year-old man and an 18-year old son, neither of whom wants to leap while I take a photo. Man-squared did offer to jump off the deck at one point, but we need him to keep working if we want to have any chance of paying the tuition bill, so I nixed that idea.

Then my neighbor very conveniently developed severe abdominal pain which called for a trip to the ER, meaning I got a visit from Princess Petunia this afternoon. It's been a while. Since the last time she was here, she's learned to talk (I have not yet learned to interpret) and she's developed quite an opinion, which she shares willingly.

After the initial cry-fest which included a minor barf on her blankie, we ate some lunch, put the blankie in the washer, and went for a long walk that I hoped would wear her out enough to induce sleep in a strange bed. I took my camera and snapped about a hundred photos in that one mile, some of which I may share at a later date (especially the playing in the mud puddle ones, but not the part where she sort of fell in—her mother reads this blog), but I was most excited to have a subject who was willing to leap while I played with my shutter speed. That girl jumped so much I think she may have shin splints tonight.

And it was a beautiful day for it. Thanks for that bit of cooperation, P!

For more Leap shots, go here.

Be thankful ~

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Donna said...

Adorable. Little leaps.