Friday, February 17, 2012

P52 Week 7: True Love

I'd like to speak to the person who came up with these themes. Really. True Love? How do you photograph that?

In my effort to get the true love idea on film (or SD card), I wound up with two photos that, together, tell the story of a love truer than any other I've seen since Ben and I got married. It's a love full of pure devotion and unselfish caring . . . a completely unconditional love that goes on even when Man-squared forgets to feed him.

Watching his boy pull in the driveway . . .

The joyful reunion.

For more True Love, go here.

Next week is Cabin Fever. It has to get easier.

Be thankful ~


D said...

Coming home to a dog is THE BEST :) Thanks for popping over to my blog, I've enjoyed looking through some of your posts!

Donna said...

Isn't that sweet. Our dog looks forward to the kids coming home, too.

Stephany said...


Hi I'm Melanie said...

I love it!!!

Hi I'm Melanie said...

I love it!!