Monday, February 27, 2012

The automatic door that wasn't.

Remember my water bottle? The one I carry with me everywhere? That looks like this when I'm drinking from it?

Today I had just finished a meeting with a woman (a manager at the gym) whose training manual I'm editing, and I was walking out with my computer bag over one shoulder and my bottle in my hand. As I approached the automatic sliding door, I raised the bottle to take a swig, when lo and behold, the door opened about a foot and stopped. I, however, did not. And since the bottle was already positioned at my mouth, the force of the bottle hitting the door was transferred to my lips and teeth. I think that's somebody-or-other's Law Regarding the Transfer of Energy.

I may or may not have said something unsavory to the faulty door, but I slid through the crack sideways and kept going, not wanting to know if the people watching from inside were laughing. I'm sure it looked funny. Thankfully there's no permanent damage.

Also, I figured out how to save a Pages document as a Word document, hallelujah and glory to God. Amen. Pages was driving me crazy, but now that I have this book in Word, I'm excited to work on it.

In other news, today I ran my first sub-9-minute miles. I went 2.4 miles at an 8:54 pace. I amazed even myself. Tomorrow is 4 miles, but I doubt it will be that fast. It's just nice to know I'm not as much of a turtle as I thought.

That's it, that's all. Over and out. Sayonara. Ciao. Auf Wiedersehen. Au revoir.

Be thankful ~

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