Saturday, January 21, 2012

A whole lotta nuthin'.

Even though I am suffering from "Housemaid's Knee," otherwise known as pre-patellar bursitis, I made myself go run 2.5 on the dreadmill today. And then instead of doing abs, I stood around and shot the breeze with Tony and Cori just so I could say I spent an hour at the gym. I'm not the only one who does this though. I once watched a woman come in the gym, walk around with a water bottle, spend 5 minutes on a bike, go to the bathroom, do 3 minutes on an elliptical, talk to a trainer for a while, then get a protein shake at the cafe and leave.

Then we had a bunch of people come over to make Valentine's Day cards for the nursing home residents for February. We also ate a massive pot of chicken chili and Kelce's homemade cookies, then stood around watching Tony try to figure out how to use his new iPhone. I'm not jealous. In the words of Melinda, I like my buttons. Whose idea was it to make a touchscreen phone where the "keys" are 1/8 the size of the tip of your finger? Anyway, we also practices stacking dice, and if it weren't so late and I weren't so lazy, I'd get a photo up here. Tony built a dice tower with one flat, one on its corner, and another one flat on top of the middle one's corner. And then he started building a house of cards around it, but you know what happens when you get greedy for awesome tower-building glory? That's right. It all comes tumbling down and you go back to fighting with your iPhone.

Now everyone has gone home, Ben has gone to bed, Man-squared is still at work, and I am sitting here enjoying a cozy fire.

Happy Saturday!

Be thankful ~

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Kelce said...

You know who this person is walking around the gym, thinking that they're accomplishing something, right? It's totally Kori.
She'll get on a machine for 5 minutes, get off, get a SODA from the soda machine, sit on the couch thingies and read a book, get on another machine for 5 more minutes, and then take a shower. Haha :) I love her though, and I must say she has been getting better! She's actually running a little bit! ;)