Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thanks for the memories, Papaw.

Many years ago, our good friends Tom and Karen introduced us to Papaw, Tom's dad. Papaw was one of those people who never met a stranger, made everyone feel at home, and was a grandfather to everybody, including my kids.

Over the years we worked with him, celebrated birthdays, and laughed and cried and worshiped with Papaw. My kids all tell stories fondly remembering him.

Ben and Tom remember digging out a corner of Tom & Karen's house one time. They were working on one side and Papaw was around the corner digging out the other side. After a short time (Ben & Tom weren't nearly done with their side), Papaw came around the corner and said, "Well, my side's done. What's takin' ya so long?" I think he was in his 70s.

Leah remembers a summer when she was 15, cutting grass on their two acres when Papaw came running out of his house yelling about "what's the world comin' to when young ladies hafta be doin' man's work . . . y'all ougta be over in the swimmin' hole (the pool)" and grabbed the mower from her. He was in his 80s.

Today Papaw is standing at the feet of Jesus, enjoying his new body and the mansion prepared just for him. I'm thankful to have known him.

Be thankful ~

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